The series was inspired by a recent issue of Scientific American (Nov 2005) that discussed the possibility of life arriving on Earth from Mars in the form of material ejected from Mars via meteor strikes.

Lest one think that some version of a “creation by visitation” is fanciful in the extreme, according to the authors, microorganisms could have survived a journey from Mars to Earth. In addition, scientists and computer modeling have shown that over on ton of Mars material lands on the Earth each year -- and that the journey from Mars to Earth of such material, though infrequent, can take as little as one year.

The six pieces in the series depict:

          The creation of the universe out of chaos,

          The arrival of a stranger,

          His wandering over newly created lands, and the creation of life in his own image,

          The meeting of two beings after creation,

          The dawn of the New Age on the new world, and finally,


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